Does anyone know if it is possible to route the slices from the simpler to separate channels?

And is it possible to add swing to individual sounds?

Thanks in advance!


You can create a big drum rack that include each slice (as a simpler device) then control the volume of each hit by right click inside the drum rack and edit choke group etc. same for swing - you will have apply swing from the groove window on each individual audio/midi part.

Drum Rack! so powerful.

For swing on individual sounds you need to create individual midi channels for that. You could create seperate midi tracks that send into the drum rack. Then apply groove presets to those.

Be sure to get the Grooves From Mars packs too. :slight_smile:

Another thing i’ve found useful for getting stems to people for mixing is the extract chains feature on the drum rack. If you expand the drum rack in the session view it will show all the channels for the drums like @RA78 has mentioned. then you right click and select extract chains. This creates a new midi channel with those drum sounds that you’ve extracted and all the midi data. Then when you render you can create audio files for those channels.