Has anyone tried PSP Audioware's Plug-Ins?

Anyone try their EQ’s or Compressors? I just started trying their demos of the Vintage Warmer2 & The ConsoleQ.
The Vintage warmer is a little over my head but I’m liking the ConsoleQ (and no iLok needed). I’m still a newb and my ears aren’t that sharp. I’m curious to hear anyone else’s thoughts?

I used to use the Vintage Warmer back in the day and liked it very much. Unfortunately I have not tried any of there later plug-ins but hear good things about them.

I rediscovered Vintage Warmer (and Microwarmer) while exploring the MMWA system. I really like the Microwarmer for tape saturation on track channel strips. I have some EQs and Xenon, but I never really figured out how to use them comfortably.

I use it when playing with Auria for iPad (it is iOS DAW with PSP and Fabfilter plugins). Really like Vintage Warmer. Old Timer seems to be nice also. But when I’m on desktop with full variety of plugins - UAD, Slate etc. I don’t use PSP.

Wintage warmer man !!! Tape saturation. Quality plugin !