GEAR ALERT: The Rupert Neve Active DI: Thicken Up Tone

NOTE: I haven’t had the opportunity to utilize this particular piece of audio equipment.

"Put Some Neve Transformers In Your Signal Path
Neve = fat. Since the 1970s, electronics designed by Rupert Neve have been known for a thick, bass-focused tone with smooth treble response, and his new products are no different. The RNDI is an excellent tool for the home recordist, making it easy to capture huge-sounding bass, guitar, keys, and any other instrument with a direct out.

Thanks to its extremely high headroom, the RNDI lets you connect a line-level output from any source, or even the speaker output of a 1000-watt guitar amp, and still capture the full dynamics of the performance. Its wide frequency response and tone-thickening also make it a great DI box for bass or keyboard in a live/stage setting.

The RNDI is only $269, and with our no-interest Payment Plan you can get it for 6 monthly payments of just $44.84. Pick one up and start getting clearer, fatter sound ASAP!"

look super slick. the point of contention on my end is that now that I’m in the UAD world, I would likely get something like a Apollo Quad next. The UAD hardware DSP requirement is definitely a mindset changer and is super smart on the business side of them to get people hooked into their hardware. Super costly as a consumer though.

In regard to the high cost of the UAD hardware (compared to other good audio hardware), sometimes the tool quality is expensive (which sometimes could be the deciding difference on whether to make a purchase or not) yet I continue to hear, research, and read great things about the UAD hardware.