Curve Bender vs Massive Passive

As a newer UAD user, I’d heard Massive Passive thrown around for MONTHS as a must buy plug.

HOWEVER, after coming across the Chandler Curve Bender and reading reviews and forums, there is alot of repeated messaging of “Owned massive passive… Curve Bender has replaced it on my master bus”

I’ve just activated the 14 day demo, looking for other people’s two cents on the matter.

before you say it… YES I’LL EVENTUALLY BUY BOTH lol… but what is your GO TO

I honestly don’t think there is any competition. The MP sounds like hardware the CB sounds like software, to my ears at least.

@Paul interesting. after reading your reply I just activated the demo for the passive as well. I’m a/b ing them and I think I know what you mean. there is a different feel.

Yeah, the MP sounds ‘open’ and the CB sounds ‘closed’ on top. I think the CB is good but the MP is great.

@paul So i just rendered a mix with chandler and one with the same settings on MP.

There is something different on this EQ for sure. I think on a taste level I actually prefer it. I can also hear how not everyone would like it and how it might not be good in certain genres, but for my style it seems to fit.

But your original statement is bangon! Definitely sounds like hardware and CB sounds like software!

A/B_’_ing between the two plug-ins at unity, and playing around with different settings on the EQs. Not trying to strictly match anything, as it would be Pointless trying due to the different topologies and characteristics of these plug-ins.
However, hardware sounds dynamic, and very open in the top end, I find a lot of software sounds closed and flat compared to its hardware counterparts.
UA tend to get their emulations to sound very close to the hardware and the MP does have a sound I really like.
I do agree it is a taste and genre thing, perhaps I wouldn’t like the sound of the CB hardware, I have never used one as of yet, and has nothing to do with the modelling.

@Paul: If you get to test the Curve Bender hardware… make sure to spend some time with the LF band. The 35 Hz bell on that thing is awesome on a lot of music! I prefer the CB to the MP, but I no idea about the software versions. That is based on my personal taste. I can clearly hear why so many love the MP. I liked the sound of the first version of the Mini Massive more.