Clyphx for Live

Anybody here rocking clyphx? it is next next level for anybody on live.

I use it primarily for storing session recall on live set parameters. But there are a million other things you can do that was not possible before.

The bindings is my second favorite part. I set up some automapping stuff for my midifighter twister. So when I load a specific EQ on a track, and i have that track selected. the midi fighter twister has all the parameters mapped to it. I then set up my faderfox LX1 (its a box of buttons), to select individual tracks.

I’m still getting used to it because the workflow is bananas but so far so good.

I haven’t scooped that but I did scooop isotonik PreEditor 2 the other day.
Clyph X Pro Bindings looks like exactly what I need in order to order one a midi fighter twister of my own.
I’ve been waiting for to relaunch but now that I see the pro bindings things, might stop waiting.

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Honestly, i think if you use the bindings+clip actions+macrobat… you will totally forget about I think its a bit more complicated but once you understand how it works, its pretty simple to build the actions and map them. You pretty much have access to all the same stuff!

PreEditor 2 looks dope too! i had the first one but couldn’t get a long with it on my BCR2000. Just didn’t make sense without having the visual component.

I’m working on suggesting to the developer on creating some sort of visual component for Clyphx via OSC. Possibly connect an ipad running Lemur for feedback on the liveset or some sort of max4live device that would do the same.