Parallel Processing Matrix

Hi everyone,
I’m having a hard time trying to understand how to set up the parallel processing matrix in Ableton. I’ve rewatched the videos a number of times and what stumps me is routing the output of the crushed verb into the drum bus. Does anyone have a screen shot of how to achieve this in Ableton?

Could this be one for @justinc ‘s Ableton live session?

Thanks @Elton. Sure, this would definitely be a good topic to cover.

@Paulfakes Live has a few different ways to do parallel processing, a few of which have advantages to other DAWs, and are incredibly fast to set up. I’ll check the schedule and see what we can do about adding this…

Also we have the office hours every Tuesday at 4 EST, (in just under an hour if you’re free today…) Drop by with questions and we’ll get to as many as we can.


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Ahh fantastic, looking forward to seeing how Ableton can do this!

I missed the session today unfortunately, I would love to see how Live can do this! Are the sessions recorded by any chance? If not I’ll have to attend the next session.

Thanks for helping out guys :slight_smile:

No worries. I’m not. Live user myself (sorry!), but I know people are finding @justinc’s open sessions really useful for this kind of question.

I will not steal @justinc’s thunder but I love how you can add a wet/dry knob to every plugin with the help of the audio effect rack in Ableton. Curious to learn what Live 10 has to offer in that category.

No thunder stolen :wink: That’s a great way that I use all the time.

Live actually has a number of different ways to do Parallel processing. All pretty easy, and some having some really useful advantages to Parallel processing in Logic etc…

We’ll be definitely be doing a webinar on this in the not too distant future! It’s a popular topic, and this is one of my personal favorite things about Live…
Will post more info when the date’s locked @Paulfakes , @Marius , @Elton

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hey guys! did @justinc do the webnar about Danny’s Parallel process ? I’m trying to find the best way to do it… I had some latency issues and did not find a way to do it without use to much of my computer…

What I did so far:

1- Drums (group) >> Group Process >> send post fader to a channel called General Drum Buss

2- Drums >> pre fader send to a Return Track called Parallel Drums Compression

3- Parallel Drums Compression (return) >> send output to General Drum Buss Channel

4- Drums pre fader send to the return tracks wi the reverb chain (individual reverbs with side-chain) >> send output to General Drum Buss Channel

is it a good way to do it?


Hey @buslik, yeah you can do this the same way. Audio Effect rack with an audio track routed as shown in the pics.


Hey @justinc! What pics? can you send me the link?

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@buslik me too, struggling on this topic ! Which images are you talking about?
And any good routing for this?

Any advice of how to route parallel processing in ableton ?

When using the effect as insert > group > double chain (wed/dry) the effect is still attached to the individual channel and not applied after routing the channels into group aka (drums/synth/efx/vocal etc).

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