Channel Strip Saving in Ableton

For Ableton gurus on workflow best practice:

Let’s say I have a channel strip for vocals I like (saturation, tape, reductive eq, compression, additive eq, etc) and I want to use it again for other projects as a starting point. Makes sense, right? When I group the effects and save as “vocal channel strip,” Ableton saves under audio effects. Is this recommended? Should this be an effect rack? Does it matter so long as I can pull up quickly within daw?

Thanks in advance - this community is awesome!


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hey Dave. I usually group and save the effects into an audio effects rack where it saves in effects racks but either way is fine. the thing to note is that when you upgrade to the next version of Live, or get a new computer and reinstall, or do a migration to a new system, you need to make sure to note where ableton saves your effects racks and/or presets and manually copy them to the same location on the new system as a safeguard. I have lost many racks and presets in the past by not doing this. as always the first step in any migration or new install is backup and save. it will save your ass again and again.