Arturia "3 filters you will actually use"

Ladies and Gents,

Just scooped these. If you own arturia analog lab this discount will show for you.

I just started demo-ing the UAD Moog XL Filter collection and love it… however that beast is $249 USD right now.

So I’m browsing this morning and looking at reviews and I come across the Arturia ones and for $49 i said screw it. I’ll take a chance that they do the job at that price point. If they dont then I can always get the UAD Moog XL on sale down the road (and lets get real… I’ll probably get every single UAD plugin down the road…)

Havent even dove into actually tweaking it yet, purchased 3-4 mins ago. If you are thinking about a filter or like the price point, scoop it. I’ll post again once I’ve actually gotten down and dirty with it.

ALSO, the banner add is saying the $49 USD offer is done today. Pull the trigger.