Which UAD plugins you should have


What uad plugin would you guys recommend to open up the mid range on the mix bus?


Fairchild has a nice midrange presence but not appropriate for all sources.


So here is the ultimate 13 UAD plugin list I’ve bought today (bundle of 10 and 3 included with my DSP octo purchase) :

I add the Inflator of Sonnox for ghost saturation, the Maag 4. I would buy when it’s on sale the DBX compressor, La-3A


Congratulations Opero - I know this has been a process of meticulous deliberation and I am excited for you to begin reaping the rewards of your new weapons.

UAD plug ins still feel veiled in mystery and mystique to me.

I’d look forward to hearing updates on the sonic horizons you are reaching with the new arsenal, I am really curious about UAD plugins for optimizing sound design and mixing.


oh yeah I really hope to come back with some “sonic horizons results” :slight_smile:


I have 3 days to choose one of the plugins shown in the pic - I have a 25.00 coupon to spend and was leaning towards “Little Labs Voice of God” - I know Danny likes this one a lot…

Looking for feedback on which one to pick - I got tape, reverbs, chorus, etc…


Hi @devoemusic,

I’d 100% go for the Voice Of God. It’s a very powerful plugin!



Thanks for your fedback!


You’re very welcome :slight_smile:


voice of god caught a lot of flack for basically being a HP filter with a bump I think. There are some nasty videos about it on youtube. I was going to buy it until I saw that and then tested it with pro-q and got a similar result. The subharmonic synth might be a better buy


Have to say, VOG has been very good to me. I think you have to ‘play’ with it, but as a vitalizer and Fatso user, I also find use for VOG too. Horses for courses…


Same here, I always found it sounded ‘better’ than using an EQ for that resonant peak.

I might break out the analyser and see if it is doing anything differently compared to a surgical EQ like Pro-Q2. I remember watching the YouTube videos about it when it was first released but they were not that scientific and if I remember correctly the guy who had the loudest voice (pun intended) released his own version of the plug-in shortly after…


…and this is always the problem. You never know anyone else’s agenda and then a lot of people like to join the bandwagon without actually knowing what they are doing/saying. Before you know it, ‘it must be true’ takes hold. One of your ‘and here’s the science bit’ post would be really good.


Hi, Paul.
Hope you’re well.
I’ve looked at one vid, he was slating it and saying his stock plugin was the same. Funny thing is he had it set to flat so it was doing bugger all. I like to try before I buy then you know you’re getting what you want. The other problem I see regularly is people with all the gear and no idea. They can’t use the software properly, they then turn to slating it.
Ps, great Pun lol!


Hi, @pushandstart,

Having tried the demo, I then bought the VOG plugin. I can openly say it’s a great bit of kit. It adds analogue warmth/colour/power to the low-end bass and it is pretty tight. I would like to add that you need to know how to use VOG or you can overdo things very easily. All I can say is don’t believe everything you see or read and try things for yourself. It’s the best way for you to get a feel for any software that you’d like to invest in. As they say; the proof is in the eating of the pudding :wink:
All the best,


I tried the demo. I also tried to mimic the results with pro-q and was able to get the same effect with just using pro-q.


Oxford inflator is on my wish list and the studder but damn they are pretty expensive haha :frowning:


I bought Oxide and have been using it the last few months. I’ve got all of the UAD Tape Machines and my personal take is that none of them round out a full low end like the Oxide. It can be too much for some bass sounds if they are already round and warm, but it adds magic when appropriate. It’s DSP light and has a big plugin count. Just wanted to throw this one out there as an alternative to VOG, and it’s free - https://www.bozdigitallabs.com/bark-of-dog/
I don’t own VOG so can’t offer a side by side but it’s there if you want to try it.


I got both now and feel they both have their place :):grin:


So the Oxide tape is recommended…

What about the SPL TwinTube Processor: