What's your favorite UAD Channel Strip?

  • SSL 4000 E
  • API Vision
  • Neve 88RS
  • UA 610
  • Manley VoxBox

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That is such a hard question to answer, although my overall favourite is 88RS, I like them all for different tasks.

i think if i was stuck on a desert island…and could only have one…it would be api vision…i might just mod the EQ’s to have variable gain…:wink:

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I can’t vote yet as I haven’t tried all of them.

I would vote for API just for its look :slight_smile: And of course it sounds good as most of recent UAD stuff.
API Vision UI is a masterpiece - it makes me want to get API mixing console :slight_smile:

Manley VoxBox has amazing tube sound - makes wonders with bass.

I would love to use the 4kE but it is so CPU hungry so you can just use a few of them which is not good for a channel strip to use on all your channels…