The secrets of dance music production

Hey MixMasterWyatt fam, can anyone help me to give review for the book The secrets of dance music production. Is it worth to buy. Thank you

Hi Jamie, It isn’t one I have read i’m afraid… The screenshots look good, but the only issue as always is the difference between what you read and what you hear. I suppose for the time when there is no wifi etc. a book is a good option. I have a massive ‘manual’ of all of my notes from Danny’s mixing and mastering lessons that I can then refer back to when in the mix


Hi hadoan

I already read it and it worth the time… big tips from big names like Wolfgang Gartner

I like how this book focus in edm mixing, once you finish it reading you will get another perspective from the dance music, It explains you how tech house is made it , techno, electro, progressive house


My copy is in the mail! Thanks @lexwolker.

I hope it is good. I just ordered it after finding out it even existed.

Another good e-book I purchased for my iPad a while back ago was: Dance Music Manual - Rick Snowman

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I have Dance Music Manual and re-read it again a few weeks back on holiday. I have also watched a few of Rick’s video courses. They are good, but I find Rick can labour the point a bit at times. That said, he has a 138 trance video coming out and I will still be watching it!

It’s definitely worth it! Kinda my new bible! :slight_smile:

Great book, I read the first edition many years ago and it was great then! I might pick up the latest edition and see whats changed. Plenty of tips and techniques and overview of different genres and genre specific techniques.

Another great book if you are a house producer is ‘The Secrets of a House Music Producer’ by Sample Magic.

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have a link to the book please? Much appreciated


Amazon have it as physical or kindle.

Cheers @Elton, can you tell me the author so I know I’ve got the correct one.

Rob Snowman is the guy…

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Thanks for the ideas, added them to my reading list…

On another note, I can highly recommend Seabrook’s The Song Machine. Not a hands-on manual, but it provides great industry insights.

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No holiday’s planned yet, but this will go with me @Marius