Slate Digital Verbsuite Classics BM7 expansion

In NLM 2 class today, Danny discussed kick and bass reverb using Slate Digital’s Verbsuite Classics specifically the Bricasti M7 unit’s ambience options. I thought I was going crazy as I could never find it in my system.
Turns out it’s an expansion to the plugin that needs to explicitly be downloaded in order to have it available. It’s free but it doesn’t ship with VC so you have to get it. Check out VerbSuite’s manual too.
Here’s a link to get it if you have Slate:

I’m finding that the mirror server is the fastest download.

Hi KevinMC, can you please tell me in what section of the NLMII course he mentioned this

It’s in the Next Level Mixing II section. If you go to the NLM II page, then scroll down to the bottom and click the Next button to get the page 2, look for the Fall 2018 section. Under there select the following video:

Danny discusses how he adds reverb to the low end. Extremely helpful IMO.

Thank you, I found it

Hi my friend, is it possible to put reverb on the bass bus or should do on individual track

Typically I put reverbs on their own channels and send to them. This makes it possible to add an EQ insert before the reverb to filter out lows and highs then to add additional inserts to process the sound post reverb like with saturation and further EQ. If you do this and use FabFilter ProQ, best to use it in Linear mode on the first EQ to avoid phasing issues then use Natural for EQ after the reverb.
Since I do primarily acoustic work I usually have an additional return channel to set up a bass amp that I use a separate send from the bass track for the same reason, to pre- and post-EQ the amp and add more saturation or compression then blend in that return channel with the bass channel.

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