LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven for you Bricasti lovers

My name is Paul and I have a G.A.S. problem. Last Black Friday I went nuts for all the great deals to be had and I ended up purchasing Seventh Heaven on the spur of the moment. Although I’ve never used an actual M7, nor was I familiar with LiquidSonics I _can __say I absolutely love this thing, on everything!

It will be a while before I join the graduates club, but if you guys have not tried this plugin yet, I would really recommend giving it a look.


Anyone else try it or have a chance to compare it to an actual M7?

Not come across it before now Paul…

It’s a real beaut, lush, plush and any other positively warm and fuzzy adjective you can think of that ends in ush. @Danny maybe worth a try in a friday kitchen?

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This is very interesting. I dont have altiverb and some sort of super high end verb plugin is going to be on my list for later in the year… i’m curious as to whether you feel this is a better option than altiverb? The reviews online about this Seventh Heaven plugin are phenomenal.

@SmoothSailing Spur of the moment, I’d say I do like it better than Altiverb. However, and it’s a big however, I have not used Altiverb in a few years and I am in the romance phase with 7th heaven so I only seem to see the good stuff so far, who knows maybe it’s all good. Given the shot I’d love to to A/B them.

What I can say with all certainty is that its worth trying it!

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hi there.

this is uad ocean way short room reverb and 7th heaven shaking hands on both vocal and piano.
originally it was very dry and lifeless recording :slight_smile: