Plug In Recommend - Blue Cat Gain

Hi all!

Just came across this plugin and its FREE.

I was put on to it from a youtube video and it allows you to dial in the right settings on certain plugins that different behaviour at different gain stages in a VERY easy way from a workflow perspective.

It allows you to link and reverse two gain knobs.

For example, using it with my ATR-102 on the master chain, and the ATR doesnt have a very easy way of dialing in the right input like the Slate VTM does. Now that I’m on the ATR, thats the only thing I was missing about VTM.

Throw a blue cat gain in front of the ATR, throw one on after, link them and reverse the second one and voila, dial up 10db on the the first BC gain, 2nd BC gain dials down 10.

Hope others find this thing useful!


Hey @SmoothSailing, I can see a couple instances when this could be helpful. Thanks for the rec!


@Danny This is a good find!

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It is great. I use it quite a bit because of the linking. I can put it across the top of the channel strip and bring down ALL channels -18db without every touching the faders. I like to do this to get the levels down so that I am at around -18db for the Slate plugins which work well around there.

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@Paul this thing is super handy. You set it to -18 dBFS and choose a peak level and it gain stages a group or track to the target level. (2:00 onward)


@justinc that is awesome mate, sounds like one of them utility tools, after used, you can’t live without!


I wasn’t aware of this one! That is really helpful to have the auto gain along with grouping and peak level!

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And for the price it’s a steal! The ideal way to use it seems to be to gina stage everything and then bounce in place before adding any processing.

You can also use it for K-metering, (or any RMS level), by putting an ungrouped version on the master and setting the reference level to your target.

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@SmoothSailing, Nice one this is awesome, thanks for the share!!


You bet man! One of those tasks where automated help is a good thing!