Slate Digital: NEW Steven Slate Drums 5

"The ‘Steven Slate Drums’ sample disc was a secret weapon amongst top mixing engineers in the early 2000’s. You could hear Steven Slate samples on numerous billboard charting hits in genres ranging from country to metal. In 2006, Slate released his first audio product which was simply called “Steven Slate Drums”.

Over 10 years later, the software has evolved into the most versatile and best sounding drum software in the industry with the new Steven Slate Drums 5 virtual drum instrument for VST, AU, and AAX.

With a completely redesigned, slick and easy to use interface, SSD5 allows you to focus on your drums, without obstacles. The kits you loved in SSD4 will sound even better powered by our new SSD5 playback algorithm.

For more info go to:" -via Slate TV (

I bought SSD4 a few years ago and while they do sound good, I switched to XLN Addicted Drums and never looked back. The interface is much easier to use, has MUCH more functionality and options, processing, routable fx and sends, several mic positions, and an equally well recorded high quality library. you really can’t beat Addicted in my opinion. and after dealing with NI’s lame piano libraries for years, I switched to XLN Addicted Keys and its the absolute best Piano sample library I’ve ever heard hands down. I believe they have demo’s but not totally sure : )

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Thanks for the feedback sight.

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