Slate Digital Modeling Chart


thanks, mike! exactly what i was looking for…but does the FG 401 modelling info look right to you? i thought it was more like a chandler/emi/neve hybrid thing…

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At first I actually thought it was Focusrite because of the color :slight_smile:

Here’s what Steven Slate said: “The FG-401 Compressor can achieve tones that sound like SSL dynamics, but also dives into sounds similar to Distressor, dbx 160… With the two circuit settings and the transformer, it has a lot of versatility. A true musical workhorse compressor.”

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AWESOME CHART!!! :grinning:
Thanks Mike!

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Wow that is great Mike !!! Thanks!
Also a cool chart to continue and wright down Mixing Tricks with the certain PlugIns. Nice.:smile_cat:

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Thanks for sharing my spreadsheet here, glad you guys like it! :blush:
It’s all info that’s been collected straight out of the manuals or from Steven Slate himself. Hopefully you find it useful!


Excellent! Thanks a bunch for this.

Stumbled on this from a Google search - EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you for doing this.