Slate about modeling Distressor

I just found an email that Steven Slate sent to all customers few days ago:

I’ll also admit, this year was not without its hardships. And some of those hardships have been very STRESSful. The FG-Stress, an emulation of the famous Distressor compressor has been severely delayed due to unexpected complications in the modeling process. Let me explain what happened. When we first started to model the Distressor, we used techniques that we have used in the past that have produced amazing results. But we learned late in the game that there were some really funky things happening in the Distressor. Almost every control interconnects with another. For instance, the attack affects the release, the release affects the attack, and the input level affects both!! As we discovered more anomalies in the circuit, we kept putting bandaids in the code, until it looked like more bandaids than code!

Finally, we had a meeting and realized that if we are going to give our customers the most 100% authentic emulation of the Distressor that they deserve and expect, we had to take drastic measures. We stripped off the bandaids, created new techniques from the ground up, and started to create a model that took into account all that we’d learned. And now this algorithm is ON FIRE. So I’m not going to be foolish enough to ever give a release date of a plugin until it’s in beta (like what we did with the new Virtual Tube Collection), but I am going to say that we apologize to you all about the delay, and we promise we are on the right track and that it will indeed be worth the wait!


Better to wait a bit longer and get proper emulation that poor one.

Will be interesting to see how it stacks up against the Empirical Labs Arouser.