Project Workload Survey

Fellow sound designers, editors, and mixers,

One of the hardest things about freelance work in post-production is determining your workload based on the complexity of a project. It takes time and experience to get a good grasp on this. With that in mind, I’m putting together a poll to determine the rough amount of time it takes to complete different types of projects.

I know there are a ton of variables to this, but please indulge me by answering this post using gigs you have personal experience with. Include a short description of the project, and the time frame it took you to complete the project.

For example: I worked a couple of seasons editing and mixing for a simple interview and toss-to-clip style show. For a 20 minute episode, I could edit and mix to a final product in about 4 hours.

I also produce audiobooks. Including recording and editing, I can get one hour of finished audio for about 3 hours of work.

After the data is collected, I’ll compile it all and post the results. Submissions other than audio projects are welcome too. Thank you in advance.

-Dan Warneke

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