Switching from 44.1 to 48Khz HELP

Hi everyone!

I’m writing this post as I’m in somewhat of a pinch right now. I’ve been lucky enough to get some publishing opportunities for TV and have a few works that I need to submit in 48khz. (Something I’m just now learning is standard for video production)

I’ve made a relatively rookie mistake by starting the projects at 44.1khz. I’ve tried changing the sample rate in the mastering project, as well as converting each of the audio clips (premasters) to 48 with-in the Logic PRO X project.

The problem is now I am receiving playback issues, in the project as well as when I bounce the final versions. There are a few parts that skip and pause.

Is there any chance of saving this or am I essentially screwed?

Thank you in advance for the help!!!
-Tahif Attiek

You definitely can save it, you just have to make sure all the audio files are at the same sample rate as the project. Double check they are all 48KHz and the project is 48KHz.