32x oversaming with pro-l2 for mastering?

I’ve been using pro-l2 at 16x oversampling when mastering and getting great results, but I’ve heard from people that oversampling is not always good and 32x can soften things up, I’m not fully through the courses yet but I know in some of your videos you stress keeping oversampling to the max, would you say also for 32x in pro-l2 when mastering if your computer permits it?

4x is perfectly fine unless you are really pushing down on the signal.

What up Paul, I think I’m pushing it down about 6.5db and still keeping everything stable, I’ve got a killer mastering chain and tight mix-down

I’ve been referencing the song satoshi nakamoto by Gramatik and it’s taken me some time and trial and error to be able to match up

That is a nice track! It does sound like there is quite a bit of limiting on there.

I think the best thing to do is to get the limiter set how you want it, then change oversampling from 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x and then use the undo/redo funcion in Pro-L2 and see which one you think sounds best. I really like this feature in FF products for a/b’ing between multiple settings.

i will definitely do that and see if i can hear a noticeable difference especially in the 16x to 32x difference, problem is my room is not the best but decently treated, sometimes i feel like i’m hearing more of the room than id like. Definitely plan on building a pro control room in the future

Let me know how you get on, interesting in finding out the results.

I found 8x gave me the best results, better than 16x and 32x, I’ve really been wasting my time with that I guess, and Maximizer beat it out completely, thanks to you and the other guy for reminding me how good it was in the other thread

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