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I’m trying to route an audio track to another audio track…not an AUX…but another audio track. On the track I want to send I go to sends, track, and select the destination track. And the destination track automatically has its input assigned to match the track it’s getting a signal sent from…but I can’t hear anything in the track that should be getting the signal. The send is fine…it’s sending a signal. But no audio is playing in the receiving track. Probably a basic thing I’ve done wrong. Any ideas?

I have never tried this before but try enabling Input Monitoring on the track you are sending to?

Thanks. I know that with large format consoles (e.g., SSL) engineers will use other tracks as returns…rather than the aux tracks…because there are only so many aux, but often there are upwards of 80 individual channels. maybe it’s just different in a DAW. thanks for your help!

Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to mix on a large format console. What I suggested above does work, I just tried it this morning. I believe you will need to bounce in treal-time, though, rather than off-line.

Hey Paul…THANKS! Yes, it does work. I’m a total newbie. But I wanted to learn how to do this because in case I run out of AUX busses it’s nice to know I can route to tracks. not that I think i will…but just in case. I actually did get to play on an SSL years ago and remember watching the engineers route tracks to other tracks, putting on a little delay and panning wide to create effects. all can be done in a DAW. but was just thinking that through. i REALLY appreciate you taking the time to answer my question! cheers…