Ozone Imager trick to reduce correlation issues

I remember seeing somewhere in Mixing Foundations where Danny showed a way to go into a menu in Imager to set it so that you can Stereoize without causing a phasing issue. Just wondering if anyone remembers how to do this, or which video it was in.


To get this working, go into the settings menu and look for Imager settings. Once you click on Imager settings there is a box to check that says “prevent antiphase”. After you check that box and hit okay you’re good to stereoize/haas effect! Hope this was helpful!

Found it. Thanks a lot!

Is this function also included in the free version of the Izotope imager?

Unfortunately not. It is in the Standard version which goes on sale for $100 quite often and has pretty much everything you need.

Ah perfect. Thanks for the information😊