Opinion on Dangerous Music

As of late, It’s been fairly common to see more and more mixing and mastering engineers using Dangerous plugins, even more specifically the Dangerous Compressor.

The Dangerous Bax EQ Plugin has already received the UAD treatment, and I believe it’s just a matter of time before UAD will try and emulate the compressor as well for it’s transparency. (Correct me if it has already been announced or discussed haha)

Anyone have experience with either of them? Are the EQ and compressor from Dangerous worth looking into and putting in our mastering chain?

Thanks for your opinion and input


I think the bax sounds okay, it is a big closed on the top end. The plugin was developed by Plugin Alliance and is also available natively.

Thanks Paul,

Was just curious if it was worth placing on our mastering chain and if the “hype” is justified.

And by hype, I just mean that I’ve been seeing it more and more in studios as of late and they have been using it within their mastering chain. I personally think there are better options.