Minimal Reverb Setup for Techno / House Music

If you had to streamline your reverb sends what would be your bare minimum? What would be the next level up from that?

Before NLS, I used to set up my reverbs with a very simple short and long reverb. And maybe a couple specialty reverbs for the kick or synths. It didn’t sound all that great.

After NLS, i’ve got 4 reverbs for drums (kick, snare, hats, perc), 1 for bass, 2-3 for synths. Thats like 8 reverbs. Excessive, maybe. Flexible, very. CPU usage, HIGH. Complexity, high. I’d like to hear what other people have going on in their reverb world.

The main reason I’m asking is that I’m working on a live set template that has Next Level Sound principles built in. :smile: