Mac OSX update problem - Safari 12.0.1

I brought up an issue I had with my iMac this week in Mixing Foundations. It went a bit nuts after following a prompt from the App Store to update to Safari 12.0.1. Since a lot of folks here use Mac OSX and since Danny asked for a follow up on my report, I thought to post it here.
After working through AppleCare the upshot was that the installer for the update had done its work but was still in place to act as the boot volume upon rebooting after the install. Since the installer had already done its work it was failing and a log program was called but I was left with no option to do anything but restart which of course led to the same problem ad infiniturm. I was able to restart holding down the Option key while doing so in order to get to the Startup Manager and select my boot drive (Macintosh HD) rather than the Installer volume but that was only to get up and running. AppleCare tech had me restart with the Recovery Manager (hold down Command-R while rebooting) to get to the Startup Disk program from the Apple menu where I could reset the default bootup volume going forward. That’s what fixed it in the end. HTH in case you run into issues of your own with the recent update since there were lots of people affected by this.

Hi Kevin, thanks for sharing! That update is waiting on both my macs and i think i’ll avoid it until I have a bit of spare time; would much prefer to just delete Safari lol.

this is kind of funny to me, because i´m running a hackintosh (regular pc faking mac os hardware so that mac os can be installed) and i didnt had any problems at all with this or the security update :wink: