Logic Templates for Mixing


Is there anybody, who mixes with Logic template?
I made mine, but when you starting the mix, it is a question to use busses and vca-s immediately. Since I make my initial gain stage related to the kick, I have to pull all the faders down. And there comes the problematic thing. If you setted up busses and vca-s, what do you pull down? The VCA-s, or the individual channels?
And isn’t the fastest thing not to highlight all channels, only some of them.
What are you doing in this case?

Hey Ivan!
Yes I do and created one that I have shared with other members of the Logic User’s Group.
I have different instruments in track stacks (kicks in one, basses in one, synths in one etc). I actually use a gain plugin to get the levels where I want for an initial mix. So the Channel Faders remain at 0. Any automation is done of the gain plugin not the fader. When I am working at the initial mixing level I either using the gain plugin I mentioned or the gain knob on the last plugin inserted. I rarely if ever use the gain fader on the track stack or channel strip. When I get down to my final level tweaks I use the VCAs.

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Thanks Scott, I would really appreciate to have this template too. I tried to find it, didn’t succeeded.