Logic's in built things

Hi, I would suggest to speak about Logic’s in built plugins, specially the compressors, and theirs personality.
Is there anyone who uses them?
Sometimes I use them for not very important duties, I like them many times, but because of not seeing them at other users, I do not “dare” to use them as first possibility. When I have done the important things, and I do not want to use more CPU, I am turning to in built things. Is there anyone who do this too?

I don’t but that is just because I have 3rd party plug-ins I prefer. Logic’s stock plug-ins are really good, so I wouldn’t be concerned about using them.

Yes, I think the same, but I would be curious, if U are using them sometimes, do you have any experiences with the several types of it.
I am using 3rd party things mostly, but if there is any experience, i would gladly hear them, that’s all.

I tend to use some of them for basic tasks like an EQ or a Compressor or even a reverb when I am working on shaping a sound, in other words, for production. I don’t use them that much for mixing and mastering. I think their compressors are nice and get the job done. I use the gain plugin and a few other things like that.

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