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Good morning and happy Monday, Next Level Sound Forum members.

My name is Lorenzo and a little over a year ago, I became a student at MixMaserWyatt Academy (via the Ultimate Package) to improve my overall audio mixing and mastering. Also, at the start of my registration (over a year ago) I became a member of this particular forum.

Since then, this particular forum has been a great supplement to the Ultimate Package offered by the MixMasterWyatt Academy, in which forum-members can discuss a plethora of audio -mixing and -mastering subjects and learn about other audio-mixing topics from other forum-members.

As such, I was just wondering why haven’t forum members collaborated more on designing music and mixing that particular music? Although this was just a kind thought, the chances of designing some good music would be cool and the mixing- and mastering- of that particular music would be “crazy-good”. Plus, this could be a good way to add a new dynamic to the learning and enjoying of this particular forum (for interested forum-members). For example, I would assume most forum-members here like the kind of music that doesn’t (necessarily) include vocal-singing (like House, Techno, etc.). This particular kind thought could be for positive-fun or a great learning experience (for the individuals who have a great passion for music design and audio mixing, and who knows…maybe a Disc Jockey somewhere will “spin” a song or two).

So, I would love to here from other forum-members about this kind thought because I wouldn’t mind collaborating with other forum-members on designing some music and audio-mixing.

NOTE: I’m very optimistic and positive and enjoy “stretching” myself to learn new things and meet like minded people, in which I try not to live in a proverbial box because growth or growing is important to me for enjoying life.


Hey there @LorenzoMorganJr!
Thats so true! I think we have & we are a bunch of talented and willing people here, we could make ourselves get to the clouds together!
Lets collab with each other! :smiley:
I am creating that kind of music you said, less vocals and more composing/arrangement going on, and would be a pleasure to see where things we know can get!
I also think sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences is the way to be happy and learn more from ourselves and others!

Nice initiative, i have thought about this of course, but never posted as you did so, thank you!
How do we start ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good morning and happy Friday, brunocg007.

Awesome! First and foremost, it is a pleasure to make your online acquaintance.

In regard to this great forum platform here at NextLevelSound, I’ve been so excited to associate with like minded individuals who have a passion for the same thing which is audio mixing and music design (since registering for the Ultimate Package to improve my audio -mixing and -mastering skills), because of the convenience of the online setting. For whatever (unknown) reason, I like to stretch myself by way of getting outside of my proverbial comfort zone, in which I don’t mind talking and collaborating with other people to enjoy the human experience we all share. And since everyone here at the NextLevelSound forum is invested in or interested in audio mixing or/and music design, I figured…hey, why not ask this awesome question about collaborating.

NOTE: I need to send Mr. Wyatt a promised e-mail that is about two weeks old.

I’m pretty much straight forward and open about everything, in which I tend not to hide anything and if a person asks me a question “man-to-man”…I always try to make sure I provide a complete answer to every question that is asked. So, I’ve managed to have the capacity and ability to have good communication skills (plus, I’m a Communications major).

In regard to how we start, an exchange of emails would be a good starting point and possibly exchange of Skype addresses (if you utilize Skype).

Friday, August 24, 2018
2:18 a.m. PST