Drums Secuencer Vs Import Wav File (Question)

Hi Guys!

It´s only me or when I insert my kicks into a drum Secuencer sounds like you need to push more the volume:sweat_smile:

Then I import the Audio File to the playlist and It sound 10 times better

Samplers : Redrum Kit (Reason 6) , Secuencer (Fl Studio)

Is there any configuration to this?

I didn’t check it with FL Studio or Reason, but some samplers by default make -6 to -12db volume reduction (so you can play it polyphonic or with other instruments).
Also it might be velocity sensitive - in Redrum when you program the sequence it has Accent mode which is supposed to play sample with highest velocity/volume while normal triggers (not accented) will trigger it at lower level.


thank you a lot mike you help me to resolve this!

Now my kicks and snares sounds excellent!