Do you think there is much difference in these files?

The three examples are the wet signal from AMS Neve RMX16 with different pre EQs.

Do you think there is much of a difference between the examples, and if so, which one do you like the best?

All will be revealed later…

Reverb EQ A.aif (1.3 MB)
Reverb EQ C.aif (1.3 MB)
Reverb EQ B.aif (1.3 MB)

really not such a big difference among them

The Adam A7x don’t show a lot of difference between the 3

Thanks guys, that is what I was thinking.

I just wanted to know if it was worth using analogue emulations on effect sends or if it was just a waste of DSP. It looks like good old Pro-Q will be more than enough!

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