Classroom - PDFs and Videos

Hi All,

Can someone point me in the direction of the classroom on the nextlevelsound website - I keep hearing references to them in the recorded classes but can’t find the buggers!!

Many Thanks


Hi JT,
I’ve been waiting for someone to provide a definitive answer to your question. I don’t have it, but you can check out the blog link for a lot of great extra material both writen and video. If there is a special classroom locale, I’d like to know as well.

Hey you guys,

Are you enrolled in the school? If you are, log in then go to your dashboard where you can see the courses you are registered for. Then once inside each course you can find the videos and PDF’s for each module.

Hope this helps!

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Sorry guys, been a hectic week or so. @Timo is right. When you login to the Dashboard, that is the centre of everything. From there you can get to all of your lessons/videos/workbooks (pdf’s) etc.