96db filter slopes

In mixing we tend to avoid using brick wall filters but I see some people using them in sound design. Any ideas when the 96db slope would/wouldn’t be appropriate?

Well as a mixing foundations graduate I learn to use only 24 db slope (fab filter)

I know that some of the guys from vandalism, WA , cymatics saids that doesn´t matter

but for me I prefer go with 24 db slope, example in kicks I tend to cut low rumble end with the 96 and

well sounds ugly for me now that I am using 24 db.

Remember in mixing and mastering we are typically wanting the ‘benefit’ without the obvious ‘side effect’. So a 96db filter wouldn’t really be appropriate. In sound design, we may want exactly the opposite. It could the the side effect that is a big part of the sound we want. 96db would be pretty extreme. As always, the ears are the final judge and everything else is a guide. That said, we call certain things ‘legal’ and ‘not legal’ as a ‘strongly worded guide’!

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I find super steep slopes like this usually sound weird, and sometimes cause distortion. They can also cause pretty serious phase rotation, which is fine for dialogue, but not your friend for music. If you need to lop off a lot the best way to go is 12-24 dB cut followed by a shelf further down to handle rumble…