When to Render tracks in channel stripping

I’ve been working in Danny’s system for several months now using primarily Slate for plugins so never had to concern myself much with CPU or DSP issues. However I just started using UAD and now have to learn how to deal with those issues regularly.
The Channel Stripping diagrams note to render tracks between musical and technical compression stages but I’ve yet to find that step discussed in detail or as demonstrations on any of the archived videos. Does anyone know where I can find that or if it exists anywhere?

Actually I just found a video where Danny does discuss this in detail in the Cubase Mixing series but curious still if there are other demonstrations in MF or other levels of Mixing videos.
One point I’d like to learn is how to apply the final slot of Limiting a channel strip which happens before the deductive EQ step but is applied at the end. My thought is that I would disable the limiting for the render and copy it over to final slot in the new rendered track to resume with subsequent inserts before it. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

Not sure on videos but I always render after musical compression.

Always bypass limiter before rendering, you don’t want your limiter baked into the render, as it is typically the last plug-in in the chain. In Pro Tools I can bounce up to a certain plug-in, I am sure you can do the same in Cubase.

That’s what I figured. Thanks for the feedback, Paul.

Hi Kevin, if you’re using Cubase, rendering is done with the direct offline processing function.