Vocal FX

Hello guys!

Maybe a lot of people will recognize this excellent remix, I have a question what effect is sounding in the vocal?

I dont know if is a ping pong delay or a echo, what do you guys think?

Fx : 2:27 , 3:27 (in this section the fx tends to sound amazing)

Also the reverb sounds amazing, I think maybe is a hall

Hi Lex,
at 1:30 on the vocal, the vocals (lyrics: “streets”) are been sent into a ping-pong delay and that delay is further sent into a reverb! That same effect is used at 2:27! Either the feedback on the delay is quite high and/or the reverb is sent back to the ping-pong delay again!

I tried to re-createit with a clap https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/standard14/uploads/mixmasterforum/original/1X/3568604043ab32a9a50d318f807d1aabb064a161.wav

with these settings…a lot of feedback in the delay and sync:ed to tempo and then sending the delay into Valhalla


I don’t know if it is Trance?

Hi. Indeed at 2:27 the word is sended in a ping-pong delay with a lot of feedback.

It’s sounds to me like Progressive Trance or Progressive House

Great track and nice effect!

I agree with what has been said above.