UAD DSP AU bypass

It seems that UAD only released the mode “release all UAD DSP resources on AU bypass” for DAWS which use AU plugins. I don’t know if Cubase uses AU extensions, I think It only uses VST plugins. So with that, it seems that I cannot have this very good mode running on Cubase. Does anyone has a solution about that ?
Here are screenshots with a Manley VoxBox tested on Ableton Live (who uses AU extensions) and Cubase 9 pro (VST extensions).

You see that Ableton accepts the mode “release DSP” when it’s bypassed

And here on Cubase you see that it doesn’t accepts the “release” mode when it’s bypassed

If there is no solution, I have 3 words to say : What a shame !

We would have to bounce/render in place or freeze a lot more than usual

If i remember correctly from a discussion in the UAD forum or similiar some monthes ago, this feature on the UAD software is a special requirement of the AU subsystem only or a limitation of the VST SDK / subsystem where UAD has no influence onto.

But it may makes sense to ask that in UAD’s user forum directly, where the UAD staff is around and usually answers about such things. As far as i remember there was other ways to get similiar results with VSTs and the AU button was just because the AU subsystem needs this explicitely.

And if i remember correctly, there is still some older topic anywhere about this (sorry, i’Äm on a phone and did not have a proper URL - just search there…).

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Hey thanks for your answer, I’ve sent an email to the UAD support, I’ll keep you informed here about their answer

I’m not sure about bypass in vst. But it definitely releases UAD DSP resources when you freeze the track in Cubase.

here is the answer from the support : “Unfortunately there is no similar option for the VST format, that option is exclusive to the AU format.”