Technical help!

Ok techno wizards. This one is about inputs and outputs.

I currently use the RME HDSPe AIO sound card. I also use the balanced xlr optional outputs. In terms of headphones, I have HD 650’s on their way to me now that I will be using from now on.

My 2 questions are around the input (mic) and outputs (headphones really).

Do I need a mic preamp and do I need a headphone amp? If so on either, any suggestions please would help…

Thanks guys.

hey Elton, I asked pretty much the same thing in this thread…

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Just done some more digging. Here’s an update for anyone interested.

I have seen lots of posts around 'do I need a headphone amp for ‘xxxx’ headphones. You get lots of opinion but the missing point is they very rarely discuss what is coming before the headphone amp, hence my question.

I switched my search around to say do I need an amp after ‘Xxxx’ audio card. Ultimately the ruling on whether you need a headphone amp seems to be; “This rule (the impedance of the output driving the headphones should not exceed 1/8th of the impedance of the headphones) is about changes in sound that some headphones produce when driven from an output where the impedance is not much lower than the one from the headphone.”

The RME card has an output of 24 ohms and the HD650’s has a nominal impedance of 200 ohms. 8x24 is 192, so they should make a good pairing without a headphone amp. I will no doubt find out when I submit my first mix to office open hours, once I have them in place!

Anyone else for a physics degree?!

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