Spotify just reduced its loudness playback level

Spotify have chosen to reduce their playback loudness reference level from approximately -11 LUFS down to approximately -14, broadly in line with YouTube and TIDAL.

Check out the full article here: Spotify reduced its loudness playback level

So does that mean that every song i listen to in Spotify always Comes out at -14 LUFS? Even if i mastered my track to a -8 LUFS for example?

Yes, -13LUs for YouTube and -16LUs for iTunes.

I think that’s great. What do you think motivated them to do it?

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I am not sure, I think Ian Shepard and others have highlighted the benefits of falling more inline with other services. That is simply my opinion though, I have no evidence to back any of it up lol

I found more details on their website just today explaining this a bit more:’t-sound-as-loud-as-other-tracks-on-spotify-why

Another great article - a MUST READ:

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Thanks for the share @devoemusic, they were interesting reads.