Integrated LUFS question

Hello all, here’s a question regarding integrated LUFS. I’m currently working on a trailer track that is very dynamic: a rather low level section in the beginning that builds to a loud and aggressive end. When Ioop the loudest part, I set the levels and limiter so that the LUFS meter hits -10 LUFS short term and -12 LUFS integrated with a peak of -0.3 dB(I use the LEVELS plugin by master the mix fyi) Every thing seems fine so far, however when I export the track, the track statistics read an integrated LUFS of -16 with a short term LUFS of -12. If I want to have a competitive level(ideally -12 dB LUFS) which level do I focus on for my readings: the -16 LUFS integrated loudness after exporting or the -12 LUFS integrated loudness that my meter gives me when I loop the loudest section of the track.
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Oh, I think I get it now. I use the Levels Meter by master the mix. And it recommends as a preset to have -9 ST and -12 INT. So basically in my loudest section if both my ST and INT are at -12 I therefore wont be loud enough after I export correct?

Yes, that is correct for that example. INT over the entire program is the most important for keeping within the loudness standards with a True Peak (TP) of -1. Some streaming services do have a maximum ST as well but I guess that does not matter for broadcast music.
I must note that preset is very loud, not EDM loud but certainly for broadcast.

Wow… so how do people do it if for example their track is 3min, and the loudest part hitting at -12 ST is only the last 30 seconds, but the core and build of the track is hitting at -17 ST?
Thanks for the replies btw.

Turn the volume up so the INT of the 3min song is INT 12 (if that is the target INT). Remember to reset meters before playback of track for correct INT value.
If you want the final 30 seconds to be loud but stay within the target INT (assuming it has been exceeded) you can turn down the rest of the song, automating the volume up to the climax.