Quality Sample Packs


Hey guys,

just wanted to know what are your resources for good quality samples for modern productions?

Cymatics.fm has some really crazy drum samples.

What are yours?


For me there’s nothing better good old Jungle Warfare. And I have collection of Vynil sampled stuff from lots of classical records - funk breaks, bass lines, vintage pianos and guitars etc… and time to time I sample from youtube videos and my Eurorack modules. I think slowly building your own sample library is the key.

Also splice.com is amazing - when I need new samples I just randomly browse there.


haha good old Jungle Warfare, I will have that CD somewhere, remember the datafiles disks as well?


Vengeance Samplepacks
Just look for your genre. No need to process these sounds. They are good to go.

Sonic Academy Samplepacks
Also good, mix’em up with Vengeance. Some sounds need minor audio processing for rich, round taste.


Yeah i think the Vengeance sounds are really good. Thanks for the tip with Sonic Academy…i’ll check them out!


Vengeance! Vandalism, cynamitcs , Ksmhr library and Wolfgang Gartner sample pack


Nice site.I downloaded some packs from this site.