Looking for good Amps

I’m looking for good amps (plugins only) for producing and mixing (pop/electronic), do you know a few brands to recommend me ? I know Trash 2, Scuffham

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I am also interesting in hearing suggestions, I have never found a plug-in amp I have liked the sound of. They always seem to sound closed in the high frequencies.

maybe the next Trash 3 :wink:

Did you try Line6 stuff? When I was playing in a band I was a big fan of everything they have done. I’ve heard good things about their new Amp emulations. Though I’m not sure if it those latest amps are available these days as a software. Also Positive Grid BIAS is an interesting thing - they allow you to customize the amp - change tubes, adjust other component behavior - I have it as an iPad app (they also have VST version for desktop) but never really used it in production.

I’ve used NI’s Amplitube for years, although I’ve only seriously made use of the Ampeg Bass Amp simulations. It has a clear definition, and the on-amp eq response is nice without sounding too sharp or boomy. I always thought if I ever pick up either a 15" cabinet or even better an 8" x 10", it would be cool to reamp the software version through it and mic it with a D112. I’d be using this on software synths bass sounds primarily. Plus it’d get my ass in gear to buy an ampeg cabinet : )