Is it possible to adjust the dry/wet on the virtual tape machine?

Hey everyone,

I am having a problem with some of my mixes where the virtual tape machine on my master channel seems to make the track feel a bit too punchy and aggressive. I am wondering if anyone has any tips on the best way to loosen up on the intensity of the tape machine. My first thought is to unlink the input/output and just turn the output down until its less punchy…


Are you talking about the Slate Tape? I think it only has input and output and if you unlink them you can control the amount. Softube tape is the same way. I don’t think I have seen wet/dry knobs since they mimic old school analog machines.

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Which DAW do you use? one of the options would be to put the tape on a “return track” and send all the audios for this return … then you can mix dry and wet signals.

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Not sure what tape emulation you are using but reduce the input level, so the signal is not hitting the tape too hot and increase the output.

Don’t use send/returns or wet/dry for tape emulations, as the adverse phase interactions will be significant.

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Thanks guys! I am using Ableton. I did run into some phase issues when trying to use it on a send channel. The best way I found so far was to just unlink the input/output knobs and turn the input down while leaving the output alone.

EASY BRO!! Just select you tape or pluing that you wanna control the dry/wet… them press “command G” to create a rack

Than you create a chain inside the rack (right click - create chain)

Now you have one chain with the tape, and one dry

now you can adjust the dry/wet making the balance between the volumes of the dry channel and the tape channel. This is a kind of parallel process. You can do it for any plugin! This is one of the thing that I love about ableton.

Hope this helps.

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