Do You Have Questions? Tips? Tricks for the Next Logic Users Group:

Hey everyone!

Do you have a question about Logic Pro? Are you having an issue you need to be solved? Maybe you have a tip or trick to share?

Kyle and I are prepping the next Logic Users Group meeting and want to know how we can help and definitely want you to share your knowledge!

Shoot a reply so we can prep for our next meeting!

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I have one. Logic’s bounce in place functions are a bit wonky to me. Live has an option in track settings to ‘resample’ and what this does is to record any track (or tracks) that is solo’d, including track plugins, sends, busses, and master processing. this is extremely useful when bouncing mix stems for a master. so simple and quite user intuitive. Logic has no such option and it stumps me really. it would seem standard fare to me.

while there is the bounce in place, bounce and join, and bounce options, none of them attain the required result, making bouncing mix stems for a master a headache. for instance bouncing in place will just bounce the audio without the processing, and if you move the audio to another track, you have to move all the plugins. highlighting multiple regions and selecting bounce in place from the dropdown menu is supposed to sum them all to one bounced file. try this and tell me what outcome you get, wonky. the only option I can find so far is to solo individual tracks and use the bounce option on the master fader (or menu) which is way too time consuming. I have tried highlighting many tracks and using the export function as well and come up with some very wonky bounces without processing, lower sound quality, etc.

I’d love some help on this. specifically when summing mix groups to stems for mastering. thanks.

I totally understand how you feel! There are so many options and each one has a different outcome! I am working on a blog post now that will detail each of these and what is and is NOT included in each function…

A quick comment on the bounce in place. If you use Duplicate Track (CMD D) it will duplicate all the plugins then you can drag the bounce down. This will save some time. Clicking on the track header should select all regions on the track (if you have that option enabled in preferences) I always click on the track header which selects all then do the bounce in place (CTRL B).

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i´m using logic only for mixing and mastering, as i produce in ableton.
one thing that really bothers me, is that all my sends (reverbs and stuff) just showing as “bus1” or so on my tracks. is there a way to give it the name in the way i renamed the busses?

(please reply here as im not able to come to the user group :frowning: )

There is but not very user-friendly if you are not using the same buses for the same tasks all the time.

Go to Mixer > Options > I/O Labels

You can now create user options for all I/O including buses

i recently stumbled upon this, but was hoping theres another answer.
but i think, i´ll make a bus order, like:

  1. plate rvrb
    and so on

thanks for your help, paul!