Questions for Greg from Steinberg!

Hi All! Happy New Year! Tomorrow I am going to the New York Cubase User Meeting. Greg Ondo from Steinberg will be there. If anyone has any Steinberg-related questions just post them here and I will try to get them answered from Greg.

Our online Cubase meetings start up again next Thursday at 4 pm EST. I am setting up new technology for us and will notify everyone with the meetng link later this week.




Hey Danny, any plans in the future for a Logic online group ? Would love to see it for us Logic users : )

Did we ever clear up the track default issue? Last time we tried to do it we couldn’t Qlink the tracks to load the default on all of them and instead we did it 1 by 1 so maybe there is a better way

I actually think we are starting a Logic user group next week! we will announce it here on the forum.

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No…and we got super snowed out today, but I have some nice new stuff for us for next week to show.