Bitwig 2.3 out today

There’s not enough Bitwig love around here! It’s been my weapon of choice for a couple of years now. Imagine Ableton, but modern, with tons of modulation options, and plugin containers that replace many special purpose plugins. (e.g., mid/side processing, multiband, layer, etc.)

Ableton Fans, or Logic fans who just hate Ableton’s UI from the 90s, check out the Bitwig Demo. Post here if you have questions :slight_smile:

(This is not a paid advertisement- I just really love it and want them to succeed so they keep updating the app!)

I’m a subscriber, although it is about to run out. I’ve just downloaded 2.3. I have not dug in deeply enough yet to switch from Ableton - which is still my go to DAW. Now that version 10 is out with some new features I’ve been wanting for a while it makes it less likely I will spend time with BitWig. I definitely like the idea of spending time with version 2.3 but I’m not sure I will get to do it.

I’m curious what you like about Ableton 10 that is lacking in Bitwig?

I love these DAW wars things. I could never imagine working outside of Cubase, and yet others would be saying ‘Cubase?’. Guess we don’t all wear the same clothes or eat the same food too. I recently heard that some people still use Apple Mac? Now that did blow my mind!

About the subscription. In case you didn’t know… You can keep using it after the subscription expires. You only need to have an active subscription to download updates. If you want to wait for a while (like you would with most DAWs that don’t have subscriptions) for enough updates to justify a major update from your perspective, then you can just wait. If it’s worth the one year subscription price, then you get the update and continue getting updates for a year. So, it’s not such a bad model in my opinion. Plus it encourages the developer to keep releasing updates as soon as they get done in stead of waiting for a major update. Bitwig is already a very complete DAW as it is, so I wouldn’t let the subscription expiring stop you from trying to learn it.

I’m a Bitwig fan too. I would add that if you love producing in Ableton but wish you didn’t need to go to another DAW for mixing due to plugin delay compensation, panning related to Fx sends, sidechain or parallel or other complex routing, and vst3 issues, then you might want to give Bitwig a serious try.