Best reverb plugin

What are you guys using for reverb? In the course Danny covers Valhalla, Slate Verb Suite, Altiverb and UAD…
Any other plugins that you like?
I really like Tsar-1 from Softube - it creates really nice stereo picture. And from UAD family - EMT 140 always finds a place in my mixes (though Valhalla plate is also really good). And for the synth pads I really like Eventide Blackhole and Reaktor 6 Blocks Dattoro Verb (algorythm that was extracted from Mutable Instruments Clouds eurorack module - from this package )

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Hello Mike

Right now im in love with the new Fab Filter Pro Q

Very very interactive, easy to use, and a really good sound. Try it out, it wont dissapoint you


From the UAD family, I use Lexicon 224, RMX 16 and BX 20 the most but sometimes use OWS and the EMT 140, although I generally go to Valhalla these days for plate duties.
I use Valhalla Plate and VintageVerb, not so much Room since the release of VintageVerb.

I am looking to pick up Altiverb in the near future as well and perhaps Relab 480.

I have IK Multimedia Classic Studio Reverb, which is good I think, but I don’t have too much experience with other reverbs to compare it to :slight_smile:
I also got Eventide Blackhole and Ultrareverb recently and esp the Blackhole is very cool for crazy big spaces. Other than that I want to try the Ableton convolution reverb more as well. I’m considering getting the Valhalla ones as, of course, Danny has recommended them, but also because I like the simple presentation/interface.

Hi mike

For me I love to use RV700 reverb in reason, Also Lexicon reverbs are great :- )

I always use gate reverb

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RV7000 was definitely ahead of its time when they released it… it is still sounds good even without new IR features…

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yes… Thats why I am moving to lexicon in fl studio haha

I’m not a pro but have altiverb…even in altiverb I always find myself clicking toward the old lexicon emulation like l224 and l480 if those are in fact lexicon. In any event I demoed lexicon once and it seems to add a really beautiful sheen to the sound. "Auto park " in l480 in altiverb is the closest I get to lexicon.


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boy I’d like to nab this one. bricast m7 is said to be on par with altiverb in the reverb dept.

Hey Mike! Lately I’ve been using both Valhalla Vintage Verb (very versatile) and Fabfilter Pro R. Typically before deciding on which ones I’m using for what, I’ll experiment with 3 or 4 various Reverbs until something sonically special or best suited to the situation jumps out at me. Vintage Verb and Pro R have been the two consistent winners for me in those showdowns. I like the Valhalla for the Plate style reverbs, and Halls too. Pro R for me usually shines on the room sounds but ofcourse there are always times when Valhalla ends up winning there too and vice versa. As we all should know, a lot of what we do in audio engineering is based on context and the specific given situation, so the “right” or “correct” moves/decisions truly depends on what is called for in each and every particular session that we are working on. Anyway, between those two reverbs there’s almost endless possibilities if you know how to tweak them! Playing with the presets and adjusting those to taste can be helpful in a creative tough spot too. Best of luck on your reverb journey! :smiley:

Hi Sight,
Currently, I use Altiverb for most of my reverb. Having had a look at Seventh Heaven (basic version), I must admit, I do love its simplicity and sound.
I think this might have to be one for my toolbox.
Thanks for sharing.