Audio Editing in Cubase 9.5

Help Needed!

When you double click an audio event in Cubase, it brings up the audio editing window (Where you get Variaudio/Audiowarp etc). in there, you can apply processes (such as time stretching/reverse etc.). Whenever i used to do that, it happened just to that ‘clip’ or should i say, that ‘instance’ of the clip.

My example is a white noise fall that i want to reverse and have it rise up to the fall. previously, i hit duplicate and then edited one ‘instance’ and it could be reversed, letting it rise up to the original. Hope that makes sense.

Now, any processes applied are like ‘plugins’ in that i can have multiple and take them off etc. which is super cool, but they are (currently) applied to all instances of the ‘clip’.

I am sure this is just a preference setting. does anyone know where i can change it?