808 Channel Strip Thread

I decided to start this thread in an attempt to elicit advice on the optimal 808 kick channel strip and processing approaches! :star_struck:

From trap to Taylor Swift and back again, 808s can be felt vibrating through the very tectonic plates of the music industry - does anyone want to discuss the pro engineer’s approach to channel strip processing them?

sure. don’t use them much anymore but used to alot. first off use Danny’s channel strip. I started out using samples then I learned to make my own and it was much better. synthesize the 808 first and decide if you want to add the top end inside the synth or as I preferred to use a kick sample with a nice click around 2k and filter off the low end. then sidechain the low part to the click with a quick release. one track for the synth and one track for the click. process each and then run both their output to an aux. saturate to taste and compress with special detail to the release to get a nice smooth tail. add post eq then a bit of vintage warmer, camel phat, LA2A, or whatever your taste. you can send the aux to a parallel bus for treatment if you like and also reverb can be added before the aux in the chain then run back into the aux or after the aux. lots of techniques for a fat 808 but that was how I generally did it. you can also buy 808 generators now that they say are pretty fat but I never used them. its worth saying that sometimes the fattest 808 is not the best 808 though considering the rest of the song. hope this helps.

Thank you, nice detailed reply
The only place I feel a little lost is in adding reverb “before the Aux and then back into the aux”
What are the benefits to routing the reverb like that & do industry standard 808s have much reverb? Is the reverb highpassed or is there viability in reverb on the lower frequencies?
Just a few reactionary inquiries that come to mind
Anyone seen someone triggering 808s love through electronic drum kit in a way that sounded impressive live?

some people use reverb, some don’t. it all depends on the sound you are trying to achieve and more on fitting it into the song. a very short plate or room reverb with a super short decay and a bit of stereo widening can really fill out a kick, be it 808 or not. yes high pass the reverb to cut the lows and low pass the reverb to cut the super highs. what I mean by before the aux is to just send the combined kick channels to a reverb as normal but then to assign the (reverb) out to the overall drum buss as Danny teaches in his courses.

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I was demoing Acustica Audio Ebony plate
I liked it a lot, do u use?

I’m thinking of buying a midi drum pad like Roland or something so I can streamline my work flow by literally drumming instead of window diving and manually programming midi

Going to try to establish a template drum rack and such, elite samples all channeled stripped