Which program for vocals removing/isolating in songs?

I am searching the program which has the best chances for removing or isolating vocals in songs. I saw some tutorials with Adobe Audition. I heard about sony vegas pro but i’m not sure. Izotope RX6 seems to not have this purpose, it’s a program for repair tracks.

Some websites release an accapella version or instrumental version from a famous music, i was wondering which program do they use for that.

It seems to be Adobe Audition

Ok i fund the program : https://audionamix.com

I haven’t used Audionamix yet, but it is designed especially for the job and looks very good. You can ‘rent’ it too on a monthly basis, so just line up a few tracks that’s you want the vocals from and do a month. This is what i intend to do…

Audionamix uses ADX Technology which uses deep learning to separate speech and melodic vocals. TRAX Pro 3 is for mac and require an internet connection to process your files. XTRAX STEMS requires less editing but can also extract drums as well (it also much cheaper). I hope this helps.