Question about a Vocal Buss?

Hi I have a question about using or how to use a vocal buss. Or if not use one. Like for instance if I have lets say 3 or 4 different vocals would I run them all through a vocal buss. Just really wanted to know more about a Vocal Buss and how to use it, if necessary.

No hard and fast rules so don’t take this as the only way to tackle this. I put everything through subs. So for vocals, I create a sub for the main vocal and one for the back ups/harmonies, etc. This is because I will usaully do something different for each of those so they are separated in the mix. In addition to the vocal subs I create, I also create an FX sub for applying the reverb if needed. I will sometime have several FX subs for thew vocals as it’s pretty common to use reverb and delay on vocals.

Another reason I sub everything is because I run a board simulation on everything. Either the Slate or the SSL 4000 G or something like that. I hope that helps!

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Thank you very much. I will def be playing around with that.

Same here for that Ron… Only, What is the difference between a sub and a bus? Thanks

A sub is an aux channel you set up and “bus” one or usually many tracks into it. For instance I usually set up 2 drum subs. One for all the toms and one for the rest of the kit. This gives control over all the toms which is really handy. By doing this you don’t have to add your plug ins to all the toms (in this example).

A bus is like a real live bus! It routes things to other channels and outputs. I don’t know what DAW you’re using but this is conceptual.

On one or more tracks you have recorded, place a bus on the channels to any bus you want. Say Bus 1-2. Then set up a new Aux channel and make the input be that bus (1-2) Now you should see a signal coming into that Aux channel. Now you can add Fx plugins to that Aux channel.

I hope this helps. It can be overwhelming for sure. Be patient and watch lots of youtube videos!

I sent along a screen shot of the drum tracks of a song from an album I’m mixing. Look at the Drub Sub out puts on the channels and see the input on the Aux (Sub) channels. (Yellow)

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