Pre-fader gain in Pro Tools

Hi. I’m looking to see where I can adjust pre-fader gain in Pro Tools (I’m on v. 12.7). I’ve pulled audio files into a session to mix them. I can’t find anything online–it says adjust the levels coming into Pro Tools. But in this case there are no levels coming in…I’ve already dragged the audio files in. I’m new to this and hopefully this isn’t a totally dumb question. Thanks.

Actually I just found the trim plug-in. I guess that’s the answer? Insert first on track to adjust trim going into the track. Then mix from there?

You can do that but that is a waste of an insert.

You could either use audiosuite to attenuate gain but I recommend using ‘Clip Gain’, which is a volume line that will display on the waveform, similar to what is in RX

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awesome good answer clipper ive mix this track of mind and was hoping for some feedback